ASIA AVIATION ACADEMY is an accredited flight school created by the company (Asia aviation and technology co. ltd) was founded on 13th March 2014 and Approved Training Organization since 30th June 2015 under The Department of Civil Aviation (DCA) THAILAND 

Asia Aviation Academy


Historical Background

Asia Aviation Academy was founded on 13th March 2014. The Academy is supervised by the Governing Board – Board of Directors.

As laid down by International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) in Annex 1 – Personnel Licensing, the Academy has been approved by the Department of Civil Aviation – Thailand (now Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand: CAAT) as an Approved Training Organization (ATO) since 30th  June 2015

AAA provides most of the flying courses, i.e. CPL/IR/ME, PPL, ME, IR, FI (flight instructor rating).

Our Aim

To produce airline pilots, private pilots and flight instructorsof international standards and quality

Our Objective

To thoroughly train the selected candidates from ab-initio stage to fully fledged airline pilots, to qualify for Commercial Pilot Licence with Instrument and Multi Engine Ratings of international standards. Moreover, to produce private pilots and flight instructors of standards and quality.

Our core course

Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL)

Private Pilot Licence – Aeroplane (PPL)

Instrument Rating (IR)

Multi – engine Rating (ME)

Flight Instructor Rating (FI)